Interior Design


Advisory Service

Our highly qualified home design consultants are on hand to advise customers and assist them when choosing from the myriad furnishing proposals.

Custom Made

Ad hoc design, custom built and customization are just some of the key words that can identify the work of Eledium Design, thanks to trusted carpenters and a team of professionals attentive to every detail, are able to satisfy every need.


Interior Design and Rendering

Eledium Design offers a design and rendering service that always develops solutions that meet the most diverse needs. The design of the environments for our customers is free if the purchase is successful. Otherwise payment is requested for the realization of the various solutions and drawings.

Turn Key

Eledium Design is committed to the customer to provide all the services necessary for the work to be completed, and ready for use.


Shipping and Installation

For transport and assembly Eledium Design provides qualified personnel who are able to intervene on site and operate with the utmost professionalism, precision and competence, planning timing and any necessary adjustments.

Road Trip

Eledium Design, thanks to the partnerships created over the years with the companies, is able, once the product has been identified, to accompany and follow its client step by step in visiting Italian companies, in order to see the furnishings and selected finishes.